Royal Blue & Gold Macaw

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FDB's Royal Blue & Gold Macaw dances on the slightest breeze.  Our special hinge allows it to swivel and dip atop a 35" galvanized stake.  It is approximately 22" long x 6.5" wide.  Made from UV-resistant PVC, entirely hand painted & hand formed, it is durable in day-to-day weather.  Simply lift off the stake to take in during severe weather or extreme temperatures. Made in the USA.

"Blue and Gold Macaws are found in pairs and often mate for life. They remain in their pairing even when gathered in or flying with a large flock, and pairs are readily discernable as they fly close together, their wings almost touching.  The large families of macaws roost together and leave together in the morning to feed, returning before sunset. They often seek out mountains of clay, called “macaw licks.”  Their characteristic flight silhouette is largely due to their long tail streaming out behind as they fly. Their flight is direct with slow, shallow wingbeats and is quite fast for such a large bird. These macaws can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour." IAATE


- photography property of Monica VanHarn