Green Macaw

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FDB's Green Macaw dances on the slightest breeze.  Our special hinge allows it to swivel and dip atop a 35" galvanized stake.  It is approximately 22" long x 6.5" wide.  Made from UV-resistant PVC, entirely hand painted & hand formed, it is durable in day-to-day weather.  Simply lift off the stake to take in during severe weather or extreme temperatures. Made in the USA.

"Great Green Macaws are highly sociable. Family groups of five to six birds occupy small home ranges, where they nest in tree cavities. Outside of the breeding season, they forage and roost in groups of up to 50 individuals and may travel long distances in search of food.  Great Green Macaws feed on seeds, fruits, hard-shelled nuts, and flowers, and they make seasonal movements throughout their ranges in response to the presence of fruiting trees. They are particularly associated with the mountain almond, or almendro tree, which provides food and nest sites for the bird across much of its range." American Bird Conservancy


- photography property of Monica VanHarn