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FDB's Crab dances on the slightest breeze.  Our special hinge allows it to swivel and dip atop a 35" galvanized stake.  It is approximately 12" long x 12" wide.  Made from UV-resistant PVC, entirely hand painted & hand formed, it is durable in day-to-day weather.  Simply lift off the stake to take in during severe weather or extreme temperatures. Made in the USA.

"As their names depict, blue crab and red crab are different in colours.  Red crab is native to the Atlantic Ocean while blue crab is endemic to the Cocos Island and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.  Blue crab is larger than the red crab.  Blue crab has a serrated carapace, whereas red crab has a round shaped carapace.  Appendages are larger compared to the body in red crab, whereas blue crab has smaller legs compared to the body." Difference Between