Backyard Buddies

Posted by Monica VanHarn June 2016 on Sep 12th 2017

American Goldfinch photo MV2016

Finches are fun. These colorful little acrobats will catch your eye flitting through the yard and hanging in nearly any position to reach some seed. You will hear their crisp call after filling your feeder and a tap tap tap on the window if it is empty. While known by their bright colors, finches also have very distinct patterns in browns, blacks and greys.

House Finches photo MV2016

Northern Cardinal photo MV2016

A few sunflower seeds is all it takes to attract these bright flashes of red. You will hear them long before you see them with their strong whistle from high up in the trees. They are territorial and will often attack a reflection in the window. Watch for just a short time and you may see the males feeding the females and fledglings.

Chipmunk photo MV2016

I have even seen Cardinals follow the chipmunk and steal seeds from his stash. Crafty.